Wli Waterfalls

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Wli, Hohoe, Volta Region-Ghana, (West Africa)

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Natural Storytellers

Sharing the Magic

Wli Waterfalls have a rich history and cultural significance for the local Ewe people. Tour guides are natural storytellers, sharing the tales and legends associated with the falls. They provide context for ceremonies that take place here, offering visitors a deeper connection to the site.

Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for birdwatchers, and tour guides have an expert eye for spotting and identifying the many bird species that call the forest home. They’ll help you appreciate the vibrant world of avian life that surrounds you.

Cultural Bridges: Connecting with the Ewe Community

The presence of the Wli Waterfalls in the Ewe village of Wli provides an opportunity for cultural exchange. Tour guides often facilitate interactions with the local community, allowing visitors to experience the traditions, music, and dances of the Ewe people.


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