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Wli, Hohoe, Volta Region-Ghana, (West Africa)

Guiding the Way

The Heart and Soul of Wli Waterfalls – Tour Guides

When embarking on an adventure to the magnificent Wli Waterfalls in Ghana’s Volta Region, it’s not just the natural beauty that captivates you. The experience is enriched by the passionate and knowledgeable tour guides who serve as your companions, protectors, and storytellers throughout your journey

The tour guides at Wli Waterfalls are typically local residents, often from the nearby village of Wli. They have an intimate connection with the area and a deep understanding of its ecological and cultural significance. These guides are not just knowledgeable; they are passionate advocates for preserving the beauty and sanctity of the falls and the surrounding forest.

Safety and Expertise: Your Trusted Companions

Safety is paramount when navigating the sometimes challenging trails to the Upper Falls. Tour guides ensure that hikers are equipped with the right gear, provide essential safety tips, and are there to offer a helping hand when needed. Their experience in leading groups up the trail ensures that visitors have a safe and enjoyable journey.


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